The Company is a spin off from Frichs AS (Formed in 1854) – one of the oldest Danish private owned companies specialized in engines and energy plants.

Frichs Ecotech Ltd develops and markets environmentally friendly, and zero emission plants that produce valuable fuels from organic waste or biomass, converting all organic waste into useful energy streams by using a proprietary process that separates inorganic from organic waste, and processes the organic waste or biomass into gaseous fuel for consumption in a CHP (Combined Heat and Power system) which produces electricity and heat(or cold) and thereby producing net benefit to society from its waste or biomass streams



In 2010 the first Pyrolysis plant was installed by Frichs in Denmark.

The new technology was further developed, tested and improved upon.

In 2015 Frichs Ecotech was founded to differentiate the new green energy production from,

the original Frichs Diesel and Gas engine department.


All assest and the teams working on the Flash Pyrolysis process moved to Frichs Ecotech.





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