Original Turbec parts at competitive prices

Since the first installations of Turbec micro-gas turbines in Denmark took place in the late 90s, has Frichs serviced turbines in this country.

Through our distribution and our services, we have built a great insight into the turbines.

This gives us all opportunities to support both when ordering spare parts and subsequent assembly.

Hod Frichs we put customer relationships very high, so we will stretch ourselves far to implement a fast and efficient delivery of necessary parts.

At Frichs quality is a key word that we never compromise on. Therefore, we only sell original parts, all of which come directly from the manufacturer.

Delivery of spare parts is done either from stock or directly from the manufacturer's central warehouses in Sweden or Italy.

Turbec micro-gas turbine is a unique product and by service must use original spare parts to maintain the turbine high performance.

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