Innovative products for energy production

Frichs product range consists of diesel and gas engines, either of its own manufacture or from our agencies.

All our products are characterized by:


Long life

Low operating costs

Frichs aims to provide the best service to our units in the form of quick assistance with well-trained technicians and by complying with customer demands for fast and accurate deliveries of spare parts.

At Frichs quality is a recurring theme, and we deal only with first-class products and solutions, either from some of the world's leading manufacturers or systems developed by ourselves.

We have a wide range of innovative products covering many different forms of energy production. From traditional solutions with diesel and gas engines of biogas and gasification plants and systems running on liquid biofuel for emergency power system of any kind. In addition we have a large network of close partners, where all imaginable forms of energy solutions are represented.

Therefore Frichs an obvious partner for total solutions in energy production.

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