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At Frichs we have a well-developed network that allows us to obtain spare parts for almost all energy producing equipment. We have discount agreements with many of the major manufacturers, which allows us to offer prices that are competitive compared to our competitors.

With a great deal of technical knowledge in the company is an ordering of parts by Frichs not just a booking.

There is a unique opportunity to get a qualified criticized sparring about problem solving. With years of experience from working with energy machines, we at Frichs seen most, and the knowledge you have access to by buying its parts by Frichs.

At Frichs we know the importance of fast delivery, much money is at stake when a power plant is not in operation. Our large network gives us a unique opportunity to obtain the necessary parts in a very short time, why we over the years have helped many ships with emergency parts both in Denmark and abroad.

"We'll get what you need, and deliver quickly and efficiently"


1 PC TYPE ABB VTR 160-1, spec. ZH2 R210I

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