Phillips & Temro/Carlor Engineheater

Is safe engine start and reduction of engine wear and exhaust emissions a requirement ?

Then install an effective Phillips & Temro/Carlor engine heater !

Frichs is distributor for Phillips & Temro (PTI)/Carlor Engineering.

Phillips & Temro aquired Carlor Engineering, a belgian engineering and production company producing electrical pre heating applications for cooling water systems in all engine brands and types. The products are designed for installation in all engines, gensets, locomotive engines, marine engines, production machinery, construction machinery, trucks, busses, fire extinguisher systems and many other systems with demands for water heating.

Furthermore Phillips & Temro/Carlor Enginineering manufactures electrical heating applications for hydraulic oil systems and drinking water systems for domestic animals.

With Phillips & Temro`s takeover of Carlor Engineering, several electrical heating products have been added to the portfolio, including a starter battery heater.

Frichs quickly and efficiently delivers new Phillips & Temro/Carlor heaters or spare parts for the heaters

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