Energy for more than 150 years

Frichs was founded by the renowned engineer and pioneer, Søren Frich in Aarhus in 1854. Now we are the oldest Danish-owned industrial company in Denmark with a history spanning three centuries. The Group consists of the parent company Frichs Holding A / S and its subsidiary Frichs A / S.

The name Frichs has always been synonymous with high quality and superior service. The foundation of all our work is the combination of INNOVATION and RELIABILITY.

Our main activities

Frichs A / S is still an advanced manufacturing company, which manufactures our own Frichs engines and advanced mini-CHP systems based on engines from Valmet MAN.

Furthermore, we are a modern trading company that has agencies for NK compressor bau, Carlor Engineering, Niigata engines Turbec microturbines and TDI air starters. These companies are all highly specialized and respected producers who meet our high quality standards.

Finally Frichs a very versatile and competent installation and service company, which assembles and maintains all forms of energy - regardless of manufacturer - worldwide.

Eco-friendly combined heat and power systems

Frichs has for many years participated in the struggle for a better environment by developing and optimizing decentralized mini-CHP systems that reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our systems can run on almost all kinds of fuel from landfill gas and biogas for biodiesel and palm oil.

We see huge and in realizing the potential of biogas and vegetable liquid fuels to replace fossil fuels. And plant oils can be a deciding factor for electrification and the development of peripheral areas in the Third World.

Frichs was one of the pioneers of the industrial revolution in the 19th and 20th centuries, and today we are among the companies which, through technical innovation and experience helps create a cleaner global environment and reducing poverty in developing countries.

Then used energy plants of high quality, innovative and reliable solutions or overhaul of engine parts of well-trained technicians in our own workshop, then Frichs A/S it all.

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