Quick delivery from stock

When needed for repairs and service, only an original Frichs parts produced by our own drawings from selected suppliers.

We place great demands on our suppliers, when poor quality or non-compliance with specifications can insurmountable consequences.

All parts are manufactured with high accuracy, and on their own molds, so we can 100% vouch for parts life and compatibility.

When ordering spare parts from Frichs, it's not just a phone fits accepting the order. Our warehouse has extensive knowledge built up over many years of working with Frichs engines in the field. Therefore, you get a unique support from staff with hands-on experience, which gives superior sparring, so that technical problems can be solved quickly and efficiently, and misunderstandings can be avoided.

At Frichs is fast and efficient delivery cornerstone of our spare parts sales, and with a well-developed stock we possess all the necessary parts to get the engines back into service.

"Quality components delivered quickly and efficiently"

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