Heavy duty diesel units for special applications from 360 to 736 kWe

Frichs A / S produces heavy duty diesel engines for special APPlICATIONs after own design based on over 150 years of experience in motor design

With a medium speed diesel engine from Frichs, you get a design with its robust construction and its proven design has a reliability second to none. Frichs diesel engine has proven its strength when difficult operating conditions.

Off-shore installations in Indonesia and Africa, for marine installations by the Navy, Maersk and DSB, has Frichs diesel engine shown its qualities over many years of operation.

Frichs can rightly say that we produce some of the world's most durable engines, and we have to constantly inquiries from veteran railways worldwide where engines as old as from 1930 is still in operation.

On Frichs diesel engine, there is a minimum of electronics that makes it particularly suitable for third world countries, as you quickly get familiar with motor functions.

Frichs heavy duty diesel engines is the optimal choice for all kinds of difficult operating conditions, thanks to their simple and robust design

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